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The 2015 Grammy Awards and Satanic Occult Symbolism

The existing Grammy awards kept within just Los Angeles, California at the Staples Middle did not drop limited of the envisioned reveals of satanic occult symbolism paraphernalia as was noticed inside of last a long time throughout the rite. Some of it was blatant within-your-experience symbolism although other demonstrates were being concealed. Around all, Whilst your self comprehend what it usually means by yourself’ll have an understanding of that purpose was the status of the video game.

The rite opened with AC / DC, regarded for their occult connections. A single of their tunes finished was “Road towards Hell” although some participants of the readers together with Kate Perry may possibly be noticed donning crimson horns..!

Upon the make any difference of horns afterwards within the demonstrate we viewed Madonna work “Residing for Delight in.” I uncovered the total matter Incredibly disturbing. Although working, Madonna was dressed inside black and pink. This sort of colors ordinarily symbolise Satanism in just that black delivers off no mild though purple is the cheapest color in just the chakra approach.

The men encompassing her dressed within just black wore horns, representing and relating in the direction of the occult ‘Horns of Moloch.’ The tune finished inside of what appeared which include a darkish ritual…

As outlined upon the brand a person of the repeated characteristics within this Grammy was the color crimson. Kate Perry experienced crimson hair even though a presenter crimson lipstick. Ushers wore crimson fits… then there was the adorning lights which was the very same shade. This was not coincidence as I will reveal.

Dramatically, Gwyneth Paltrow wore a pink gown and ll amazing j a blue match. Inside of the occult crimson and blue signifies the pillars representing the 2 alternate aspects. Blend each pillars (purple and blue) and yourself buy red. Pink consequently signifies the combining of opposites Baphomet or, the bringing collectively of gentleman and system transhumanism… iron and clay the serpent’s seed…

The reality that Gwyneth Paltrow and ll neat j are black and white men and women this way too implies the symbolising of opposites.

Towards detailed the Hegelian dialectic; the rite that opened with “Street in the direction of Hell” finishes inside Beyonce curiously singing a gospel tune: In the course of the hide it was reported that she sang relating to the god Satan! Together with I explained former, concealed reason is the track record of the activity.

The place’s system was crafted as the Masonic checkerboard. Together with Beyonce we look at Masonic hand gestures. Beyonce create a Masonic indicator for the Masons permitting them notice that Lucifer is looking at…

Have on’t just take me erroneous below there are several Wonderful folks who are Freemasons, nevertheless highest consist of no strategy what’s Pretty relocating upon with regards towards the occult habits carried out at the ultimate of their hierarchical tree.

We view excess Masonic gestures and the males that comply with sing concerning the coming of a non secular bodily war and how superb the victory will be…

-The therapeutic massage in the direction of all this is loud and distinct.

Wake up people today!

As very well as other sectors individuals managing the songs marketplace openly exhibit their occult symbolism as insignia in the direction of allow for us understand who they are, that they’re into occult worship with the satanic philosophy.

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